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November 28, 2018

The Importance Of Minerals In The Human Body

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The importance of trace minerals in the human body aren’t discussed as frequently as the importance of vitamins is, but without minerals, vitamins couldn’t do their job and our bodies would be lacking important nutritional factors that we need. While only 5% of our body weight is mineral matter, it is still an important part of our mental and physical processes as well as our well-being. Minerals make up everything from our teeth, bones and tissues, to our blood, muscles and nerve cells so it is important to understand them so we can ensure that our bodies are getting enough minerals and trace minerals to remain healthy.

The Need For Minerals

Vitamins are an important part of our nutritional intake but, without minerals, our bodies can’t properly assimilate them and that could mean that many of the body’s biological reactions won’t function as well. Certain minerals have very specific roles in our body’s uptake of vitamins such as vitamin C needs calcium, Vitamin A needs zinc, vitamin B needs magnesium and vitamin E needs selenium for proper absorption.

Minerals such as magnesium and monatomic gold are needed by the body to ensure that blood and other tissue fluids stay balanced and don’t become to alkaline or too acidic and to ensure proper neurologic function. Certain other minerals and trace minerals also ensure that chemicals are drawn into and out of our cells maintaining our health and ensuring that our bodies are able to fight off disease effectively.

How Minerals Work Together

Minerals might be different and provide different nutritional benefits that our bodies need, but they all work together in a synergistic way. The electrolytes in our bodies carry electrical current throughout the body and the conductor of this current are minerals. Minerals are what either negatively or positively charge the electrical molecules that keep our bodies energised. If your mineral levels are low, you will feel tired and lack energy.

The Importance Of Monatomic Gold

Monatomic gold can give your body, specifically your brain, the energy it needs for more focus, better reaction to disease and faster healing. It can encourage physical, mental and spiritual healing and give your body an overall feeling of revitalisation and invigoration.

To learn more about the importance of various minerals, including monatomic gold, on our body’s health and wellness, visit Star Food today!

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