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To begin, we must understand this potent substance: Monatomic gold is made up of single atoms that aren’t bound to one another. The center of the period chart of elements consists of “transition elements.” These elements can transition from monatomic to diatomic under certain treatments. Simply put, monatomic gold has antigravity and superconductive capabilities and properties when it is heated to a certain temperature. When it is chemically inert, it can be ingested to energize the body and the mind at the cellular level.

Shem-an-na is the word old Mesopotamians called the exotic white powder of Gold. In ancient Egypt, it was called Mfkzt. In the modern world, it is recognised as a single-high-spin-atom scientifically known as the “Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Element” (ORME). Other names include ORMUS or M-state. It is also known as monatomic Gold, Etherium Gold powder, Egyptian White powder and Tree of life. In past centuries it was largely used to further one’s consciousness, and gain a deeper insight into themselves and the world around them!

It originally dates back thousands of years to the early Egyptians in Kehmet. What makes the ORMUS unique is its state-of-matter that is different from other precious metals. Its unique state of matter gives it unusual characteristics, properties and benefits that are inaccessible by any other state. Most scientists believe that its unusual behaviour is a result of the fortified minerals supplied to it by certain types of soil that can shift the composition of monoatomic Gold. It is also known to exhibit superfluidity, tunnelling, anomalous response to gravity and magnetic levitation.  These high spin minerals are a novelty in science and are still being researched and, therefore, not included in the periodic table.

What is Star Food with Monatomic Gold?

There are two main types of monatomic gold, which are natural monatomic gold and synthetic monatomic gold. The natural version of white powder gold can only be created by nature. The synthetic version is NOT.

The difference between natural monatomic gold and synthetic monatomic gold is similar to the relationship between natural vitamins and synthetic vitamins. They may have similar properties, but when you look at their whole atomic structure and study their lattice and subatomic properties, they are actually different elements.

The Natural Monatomic gold found in Star Food enhances the natural vibration of every cell so that higher states of health and human potential are possible. They are mineral deposits from natural ingredients in ancient locations where meteorites are believed to have fallen on earth over 11,000 years ago.

Star Food’s superior formulation contains more Monatomic elements than products such as Etherium Gold and Liquid Chi. Plus you get the added bonus of totally organic nutrition

Star Food with Monatomic Gold is also naturally high in Monatomic rhodium, Monatomic iridium plus magnesium and rubidium according to researchers such as Lawrence Gardner and David Hudson.

A Closer Look at Monatomic Gold?

Minerals play a profound role in the human body. They assist in the transmission of nerve impulses, maintenance of a healthy immune system, and permit the exchange of energy in biological processes. Monoatomic Gold is highly conductive at room temperature, meaning that they do not require contact for their energy to flow from one superconductor to another. As long as superconductors frequencies resonate, they function as one. Therefore when they are ingested into our body, they can influence the cell to become superconductive as well. Superconductive cells increase the flow of bio-photons leading to energy generation. It, in turn, amplifies the human body’s electromagnetic field.

M- state elements are part of all living things on the planet inclusive of humans. They are in an abundance in the oceans, in rich volcanic ash and the molecular structure of plants. Humans would not be able to exist without them as they aid in the biological process and are the tether of life flowing among us. It defines our “aura.” Aura is a field of superconductivity – if the body is deficient in certain minerals, the individual may experience blocked energy channels that connect to their chi. Monoatomic Gold has helped many people burn through these blockages and find their spiritual awakening.

In physics, energy supersedes all matter. These Monatomic gold minerals affect the subtle energy fields of the body. By stimulating and harmonizing these energy fields, the physical structures of the body are also stimulated and harmonized. This state of being goes beyond ordinary health benefits because the vibrational patterns of the body become more harmonious withvibrational patterns of nature. The experience of life shifts and the world is perceived with a higher state of knowledge and awareness. As uncertainty becomes knowing, life choices are innately made that integrate body, mind and spirit in a way that automatically improves the health and longevity of the physical body.

Most researches who have studied the properties of monatomic elements believe they are one and the same as “White Gold,” “Manna”and the “Philosophers’ Stone” that are recorded in various ancient documents and text. The Egyptian Book of the Dead refers to a hyper-dimensional realm called the Field of Mfkzt, which is now determined to be a superconductive energy field of high-spin metallurgy. Liaising with modern physicists, Laurence Gardner in his book Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark has ascertained thatMfkzt (known today as monatomic gold) was the secret of the pharaohs’ rite of passage to the Afterlife, and was directly associated with the energy that flows from the pyramids and the biblical Ark of the Covenant.

David Hudson’s Discovery

David Hudson is credited for coining the term “Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements” (ORME). He rediscovered white Gold in the 1970s by luck while using old mining techniques to extract Gold and silver from the bedrock of the Arizona desert. David Hudson was a wealthy cotton farmer who dabbled in alchemical processes as a hobby. His hobby led him to an unidentifiable substance coming off the minerals- similar to Gold and silver but not entirely. He experimented with his samples using atomic emission spectroscopy analysis (AES), and his results concluded the rediscovery of the material long sought after by alchemists.

The Ormus or m-state materials are classified as precious metals in different atomic states. This metal was dubbed as “ghost Gold” by the precious metal community. David Hudson named this unknown mineral ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements).

Scientists in the mid-1980s discovered that several elements in the middle of the periodic table undergo this process and have been studying them since. Hudson claimed that this was “true alchemy.” Isolation of these elements gifts them with unusual properties.

Essential Reading for the Curious Mind

On this page it would be impossible to list everything written about this substance. Our aim is to give you, the reader, links to further reading to discover for yourself the amazing properties of Monatomic Gold and find out why it was so prized thousands of years ago.

The Ultimate Secret of Freemasonary?

Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark. Could monatomic gold and the powerful properties it possess be the ultimate secret passed down through the ages by freemasons? Decide for yourself with this fascinating book by the late freemasonic researcher Laurence Gardner.

Monatomic Elements:

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Sumerian Gods:

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