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Star Food with Monatomic Gold 250g

Star Food is totally natural way of taking Monatomic Gold, it’s a wholefood made from the very best natural ingredients grown in soil that’s naturally high in Monatomic Gold, it also contains large amounts of naturally sourced Monatomic Gold. It is cram packed with all the nutrients necessary to encourage and promote optimum health.




Star Food Monatomic Gold Ormus 250g – MUFKUTZ Premium Natural SUPERFOOD for Mind, Brain, Body & Spirit – 2 Month Supply

Star Food’s top-rated natural raw wholefood expertly blends a selection of some of nature’s most perfect foods such as Rare West Australian native bee pollen, organic Barley grass, organic Maca, Aloe Vera plus Pineapple – each full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids in their naturally occurring state.

Star Food uniquely also contains naturally sourced Monatomic Gold, supplying all the nutrients necessary to encourage and promote optimum health, assisting your mind, body and spirit. The only product of its kind available today, Star Food supplies your body with the optimum amount of naturally-sourced Monatomic Gold, all from just one daily spoonful.

Add our great value 2-month supply of Star Food to your daily routine and give your mind, body and spirit the best chances of optimum health, growth and expansion.

Monatomic Gold has been highly prized throughout history for its unbelievable powers. That’s only to say unbelievable because until recently, science has not been able to determine what it actually did. Today however, research is confirming the advanced understanding of monatomic elements that cultures such as the Egyptians had thousands of years ago. Ancient texts have shown that the Pharoahs were fed sho-bread containing Monatomic Gold (or Mufkutz as it was known to them) as they were considered worthy of the spiritual enlightenment, heightened awareness and increased life span Monatomic Gold was reputed to deliver. It was considered too important to be given to the masses; however it is now available to you directly through Star Foods – the unique premium natural Superfood for your Mind, Body, and Spirit. REAL SUPERFOOD FOR YOUR MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT (2 MONTH SUPPLY) – Star Food is loaded with a premium blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids designed to help encourage and promote optimum health for your mind, body, and spirit.

  • INCLUDES NATURALLY-SOURCED MONATOMIC GOLD – This amazing exclusive natural ingredient has been in use throughout the ages and is known to many for its naturally occurring powers. With research now showing advanced understanding of monatomic elements that cultures such as the Egyptians had thousands of years ago, who used Monatomic Gold for the spiritual enlightenment, heightened awareness and increased life span it was reputed to deliver.
  • PREMIUM NATURAL SUPERFOOD FROM THE EXPERTS AT STAR FOOD – A truly unique and superior formulation, no other product with monatomic gold comes close to its high standard of manufacture and quality. Star Food is a totally unique Superfood Supplement developed to the very best standards.
  • EVERYTHING IN JUST ONE DAILY SPOONFUL – Give your body a natural boost with an expert blend of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll, and monatomic gold, all from just one single spoonful per day. 250g gives a two-month supply.
  • MADE TO SUPPORT YOUR MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT – Star Food specialise in making premium 100% natural nutritional supplements which are completely free from GMO ingredients, designed to help your mind, body, and spirit. Try our top-rated supplements today.



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How to use Star Food

The best method is to simply put 1 teaspoon of powder into your mouth, pushing it to the roof of your mouth followed by a sip of water and letting it absorb into your mucous membrane and saliva glands. This bypasses the digestive system and ends up in the blood stream quicker. As the powder is dry, try not to inhale as this will cause you to cough. You will need to have a drink of water after your teaspoon. or try these methods… Mix a teaspoon of Star Food in a glass of water or orange juice, stir well and drink or sprinkle a teaspoon onto your breakfast or add it to a health shake. There are no rules! If you are feeling ill or sick have an extra teaspoon but remember you don’t need more than 2 teaspoons a day, it’s that good!


Star Food contains Monatomic Gold (Au), Monatomic Rhodium (Rh), Monatomic Iridium (Ir), Monatomic Platinum (Pt), West Australian Native Bee Pollen, Barley Grass certified organic, Maca (Lepidium Meyenii) certified organic and Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) certified organic, plus Pineapple and naturally sourced Monatomic Gold. Star Food is a natural raw wholefood, combining a selection of some of nature's most perfect foods. Star Food does not contain any fillers, all the ingredients bring their own special benefit to the product.

1 review for Star Food with Monatomic Gold 250g

  1. Johnny Miller (verified owner)

    Me and my wife have been taking this supplement now for around 4 months, I cannot express how much this monatomic gold has helped us with our mental health.

    I was at a stage in my life where stress was an every day occurrence and even with meditation and yoga I was unable to find peace within myself. Since I was informed about this product by a friend, I find my energy levels and my vibration is on point, I no longer get worked up and can think with more clarity.

    I can 100% rate this product

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