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Star Food with Monatomic Gold

Available in 45g, 125 and 250g packs, add just one teaspoon of Star Food to your diet each day to feel a range of health benefits. A healthy and natural way to take monatomic gold.

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Clear Your Mind With Clarity

Clarity is a nootropic supplement formulated to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and feelings of anxiety. A powerful blend of medicinal mushrooms, MCT and Beta Glucan with our very own Star Food form a unique supplement that not only improves mood and mental clarity, but also improve the body’s immune system and overall performance.

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Liquid ORMUS

Available in 200ml and 100ml bottles, made from the very best laboratory grade Dead Sea salt and (Reverse Osmosis/De-Ionized) water, ORMUS is designed to help promote optimum health for your mind, body, and spirit.

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Star Food - a Powerful Neurological Booster

Monatomic Gold promotes the conduction of electromagnetic pulses in the neural network, which leads to a marked improvement of the nervous system and brain functioning.

Raising Your Body’s Vibrational Force

Alchemists believed Monatomic Gold in the body invigorates, revitalizes and helps to cure lots of diseases as well as motivating the life force and raising the stage of vibration on all levels.

Higher States of Human Potential

Natural Monatomic Gold found in Star Food enhance vibrations of cells in the body so that higher states of health, consciousness and human potential are possible.

Encourage Spiritual Growth & Healing

Our Ancient Ancestors were well-aware of the enhancements monatomic elements made to the human body to encourage spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Star Food for Mind, Body & Spirit

The reason Star Food with Monatomic Gold works better than other monatomic products is because we know that the best way to absorb Monatomic Gold is when it’s mixed with natural ingredients making them bioavailable and more effective.

Star Food, a totally natural way of taking Monatomic Gold, is a wholefood made from the very best natural ingredients mixed with pure Monatomic Gold. Each pouch is jam-packed with a range of fantastic nutrients to encourage and promote optimum health.

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