Wholesale Information

Wholesale Information STAR FOOD with Monatomic Gold

There are several ways you can help promote STAR FOOD and generate extra income.

Trade and Wholesale

We are happy to supply wholesale to both established and startup business with an outlet for health supplements. As well as STAR FOOD, we have several other high-quality natural supplements in our range.

At The Health Shelf we put quality ahead of cost to ensure your customers feel the real benefits of our health products and see an improvement to their wellbeing. Many products in our range are exclusive to us. All come in attractive packaging with fantastic wholesale prices and are backed by first class customer service.

If you are a trade customer, business owner, therapist or healer with an active client base please register for a free account and discover our high-quality range and generous profit potential. If you are a startup business or are looking to get an online presence for the first time we have a web and marketing team ready to help and support you with all aspects of marketing and promotion.

Wholesale Information STAR FOOD with Monatomic Gold

Or why not earn a fantastic 10% commission with STAR FOOD affiliate promotion

Wholesale Information STAR FOOD with Monatomic Gold

If you want to promote STAR FOOD and earn an extra income but don’t want to sell direct then our affiliate program is for you. This is the easiest way to get up and earning with STAR FOOD. Create you Affiliate Account Here.

You simply sign up, log in to your affiliate account and grab your individual link. You can email it to friends and family or display a banner or link on your website if you have one or even a social media page (like facebook). If anyone buys as a result of your referral you get a commission.