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Star Food Vegan 125g Star Food with Monatomic
Gold 125g (VEGAN)
Star Food with Monatomic Gold now in a VEGAN blend £24.50
£28.99 Shop now
Star Food ORMUS 200ml Star Food Liquid
ORMUS 200ml
Star Food 2 x 45g Vegan Star Food with Monatomic
Gold 2 x 45g (VEGAN)
The most powerful vegan superfood now in a 45g sample pack £16.95
£21.95 Shop now
Colloidal Silver Colloidal Silver 500ml
99.99% Pure Silver
An ancient remedy used to treat bacterial, viral & fungal infections £20.00 – £35.00 Shop now
Star Food 250g Star Food with
Monatomic Gold 250g
Star Food is totally natural way of taking Monatomic Gold £44.50 Shop now

Enlighten Your Body's Potential

Star Food a Powerful Neurological Booster
Monatomic Gold promotes the conduction of electromagnetic pulses in the neural network, which leads to a marked improvement of the nervous system and brain functioning.
Raising Your Body’s Vibrational Force
Alchemists believed Monatomic Gold in the body invigorates, revitalizes and helps to cure lots of diseases as well as motivating the life force and raising the stage of vibration on all levels
Higher States of Human Potential
Natural Monatomic Gold found in Star Food enhance vibrations of cells in the body so that higher states of health, consciousness and human potential are possible
Encourage Spiritual Growth & Healing
Our Ancient Ancestors were well-aware of the enhancements monatomic elements made to the human body and DNA to encourage spiritual growth and enlightenment

Star Food for Mind, Body & Spirit

The reason Star Food with Monatomic Gold works better than other monatomic products is because we KNOW that the best way to absorb Monatomic Gold is when it’s mixed with natural ingredients making them bioavailable and more effective.

Star Food is totally natural way of taking Monatomic Gold, it’s a wholefood made from the very best natural ingredients grown in soil that’s naturally high in Monatomic Elements, we also add large amounts of Monatomic Gold. Each pouch is cram packed with all the nutrients necessary to encourage and promote optimum health.

Star Food with Monatomic Gold

Star Food with Monatomic Gold 2 x 45g

(10 Reviews)

Star Food with Monatomic Gold 125g

(10 Reviews)

Star Food with Monatomic Gold 2 x 250g

(9 Reviews)

Star Food with Monatomic Gold 3 x 250g

(7 Reviews)

Take the Next Step in Spiritual Growth & Enlightenment

Star Food is the only product of its kind available today, when you add Star Food to your diet you are supplying your body with large amounts of health-giving Monatomic Elements plus antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and chlorophyll with no effort or major change in your diet or lifestyle and all from one daily spoonful. That’s priceless in today’s hectic world!

Star Food with Monatomic Gold (VEGAN)

Latest reviews

I purchased star food and within 3 days of taking it my alertness and energy levels increased significantly. I also felt a overall better sense of well-being. I would highly recommend this product to anyone of any age.
Ryan October 12
Rated 5 out of 5

I have been using Starfoods with monatomic gold for some years now. I helps make you feel better physically, while giving a clarity of mind. Great stuff.

Andy Gresty May 3
Rated 4.5 out of 5
Noticed that my skin changed, looking more healthy. Had problems before with memory and many dizzy spells – no more, its gone. All five my senses have improved a hundred fold. Lately I have become aware of another world around me, not experienced before with the normal five senses. Stress levels have started to fade away
Leon.E November 16
Rated 4.5 out of 5

instantaneous benefits, incredible lucid dreams, increased energy, all adding to an incredible product to assist with your physical and spiritual transformation.if it was good for the gods it is 100% good for YOU.

Noel Penberthy October 3
Rated 5 out of 5
It’s great, it really work,I love this magical stuff, helps me with my thoughts some of it came to reality.
Eleazar garabito August 22
Rated 5 out of 5

I just want to say that I have definitely noticed the alchemists noted ‘spiritual’ transformation. It has provided me with mental clarity and a healthy energy field which has helped produce strength and focus. I very much recommend pairing it with a health-conscious attitude and diet. This stuff works! Keep it going and thanks again!!

Rômulo March 7
Rated 4.5 out of 5


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